Single Yellow Line for Flute Ensemble (2013)

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Single Yellow Line for Flute Ensemble (2013)

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Single Yellow Line is a Graded Flute Choir piece which makes an excellent upbeat and cool (think Ocean's Eleven - after they've robbed the casino) addition to your flute ensemble concert, or flute day!

My aim was to bring the exciting world of contemporary/extended techniques for the flute to a wider audience through accessible, fun music that can both welcome and also challenge flute players of all ages and all standards.

Following the success of The Flutewise Theme (my first original flute choir composition) this piece was premiered at the Sir James Galway Flute Festival in August 2013 - and since its Premiere Performance this piece has gone on to become a favourite at flute events around the globe!


  • Part 1: Flute doubling on Piccolo (Grade 8+)
  • Part 2: Flute (Grade 7-8)
  • Part 3: Flute (Grade 5-6)
  • Part 4: Flute (Grade 4-5)
  • Part 5: Flute (Grade 3-4)
  • Part 6: Flute (Grade 2-3)
  • Part 7 (Optional - downloadable below): Alto Flute (Grade 6-7)
  • Part 8 (Optional - downloadable below): Bass Flute (Grade 6-7)

Below is a video of the Premiere Performance at the Sir James Galway Flute Festival, and at the bottom of the page - you can find an instructional video where I demonstrate the required techniques for the piece!

There is also a FANTASTIC performance of this piece recorded at the AFLAUP Festival in Porto, Portugal - this can be viewed on my Facebook Page.