The Flutewise Theme! for flute ensemble (2010)

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The Flutewise Theme! for flute ensemble (2010)

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The Flutewise Theme is a Graded Flute Choir piece perfect for an upbeat and groovy addition to your flute ensemble concert, or flute day!

My aim was to bring the exciting world of contemporary/extended techniques for the flute to a wider audience through accessible, fun music that can both welcome and also challenge flute players of all ages and standards.

Flutewise Theme is my first original flute choir composition - having been arranging other people's compositions for quite a number of years, since its Premiere Performance at the Flute Academy at the Purcell School in 2010 - this piece has gone on to become a favourite at flute events all over the world.


  • Part 1: Flute doubling on Piccolo (Grade 8+)
  • Part 2: Flute (Grade 7-8)
  • Part 3: Flute (Grade 5-6)
  • Part 4: Flute (Grade 4-5)
  • Part 5: Flute (Grade 3-4)
  • Part 6: Flute (Grade 2-3)
  • Part 7 (Optional - downloadable below): Alto Flute (Grade 6-7)
  • Part 8 (Optional - downloadable below): Bass Flute (Grade 6-7)

Below is a performance of the piece by Flutewise Apprentices at the Flutewise Cadogan Hall event from 2012, and  the video at the bottom of the page is a tutorial on the extended techniques used in the piece!